Ionia Uncorked #5 | Casaloste Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Ciao Tutti! Luciano is coming to you today with his tasting notes on the the 2015 Casaloste Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. Here, he also details the often overlooked differences between the three classifications of Chianti Classico such as Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, and as seen here, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. The Casaloste Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is easily enjoyed with an endless selection of meats and cheeses but Luciano can be seen here enjoying some pasta al ragu with Jorche Extra Virgin Olive oil from Puglia. Please reach out to us on where to find these amazing items!

Ionia Uncorked #4 | Etna Rosso

Luciano is back! Now tasting a red wine from Mount Etna in Sicily from Cantine Edome. Hailing from Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily and grown on the Northern slopes of the volcano, Cantine Edome's 'Aitna' Etna Rosso is comprised of mostly Nerello Mascalesse and smaller amounts of Nerello Cappuccio. Mount Etna has been producing some of the most compelling and interesting wines on the market for many years, and rapidly gaining traction recently, so now is as good a time as any to begin learning about the region and start tasting. So please enjoy Luciano tell you all about this very special wine! Enjoy!

Ionia Uncorked #3 | Surf n' Turf (Northeastern Italian Style)

Today we have our export manager and consultant, Emiliano Morando, coming to us directly his home in Piemonte and sharing his traditional preparation for a Piedmontese dish called Vitello Tonnato. 'Vitello Tonnato' translates to 'Veal with Tuna Sauce' and is a dish typically served chilled and often as an antipasto or first course to an Italian meal, but you could have it for your main course as well. You can find all sorts of recipes online for this dish ranging from using veal or beef but traditionally you would use a "lesser cut" such as top round or bottom round of the animal. The preparation is very simple, it requires braising or simmering the the veal in your choice of low-fat broth o

Ionia Uncorked #2 | Tagliatelle ai Funghi

Tagliatelle ai Funghi For the pasta, you can use any dried, long pasta but fresh is better. I always make fresh pasta for mushrooms, using a fairly wide cut, somewhere between tagliatelle and fettuccine. Pappardelle could be used as well, if you prefer a wide pasta. Unfortunately, we have a shortage of flour due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so I used a surprisingly good Spaghetti alla Chitarra that I found at Publix. Too many bakers in my family here, and as you likely know, the pasta aisle is bare. For the mushrooms, if you can find fresh Porcini, use them. Morels are also incredible for this dish. If you find fresh mushrooms of this stature, then skip the dried porcini and chicken stock

Ionia Unkorked #1 | Raineri 'Cornole' Dogliani Dolcetto

Ciao! Luciano Racca, partner at Raineri Winery and warehouse manager at Ionia Atlantic Imports in Saint Louis, MO, is seen here drinking and sharing his thoughts on a wine very dear to his heart, the 'Cornole' Dogliani Dolcetto from his winery. Over the past few weeks as things have shut down throughout Italy, and much of the world, many winemakers, sommeliers, and other wine professionals in Italy have taken the opportunity, while sheltered, to open wines from their personal cellars and share their pictures and videos. This social media movement has sparked the hashtag, #iochevinobevo (io che vino bevo) which translates to What Wine Do I Drink. Starting today, we will be launching our own v

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