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Dirupi (Valtellina)

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A cork’s throw away from Switzerland in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy, Italy’s largest winemaking sub region. Valtellina sits nearly 100 km northeast of Milan in the Rhaetian Alps. Davide Fasolini and Pierpaolo Di Franco are the talented winemaking duo behind Dirupi and giving excellent representation to Italy’s growing population of young winemakers with exciting and serious winemaking techniques at their disposal. Here, Nebbiolo is given the same care and attention you would expect in pioneering regions such as Barolo or Barbaresco that have accumulated a specific representation of the grape variety but with vastly different climates.

Fragrant and elegant on the nose, much of what the public expects from Nebbiolo but with that same nuanced elegance translating to the taste and texture of what is often described as overly tannic and austere (especially young Nebbiolo). Dirupi’s elevated style and progressive mindset is one to follow…

Dirupi's Website




Via Europa, 11F,

23026 Ponte In Valtellina SO

Tel: +39 349 3627973

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