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Il Palazzone

Il Palazzone is a state-of-the-art Brunello producer from "The Media Mogul of Montalcino" himself, Mr. Richard Parsons. Parons began his career as a lawyer working under Nelson Rockefeller. When Nelson became Vice President in 1974, Mr. Parsons followed him to Washington where he worked directly with President Gerald Ford. Eventually Richard Parsons would move back to New York and become President and CEO of Time Warner, the most profitable media conglomerate in the world. While becoming such a successful and renowned businessman as he is would be an impressive enough legacy, Mr. Parsons has turned his ambition to wine-making. Specifically, Montalcino. The estate was purchased in 2000, and a brand new winery and cellar was completed in 2012. After putting in much hard-work and resource to make this estate the quality producer it is today, Parsons is still a very hands-on proprietor. 

In The Vineyard...

Il Palazzone has three separate vineyards in Montalcino, each with wildly different micro-climates. These three sites work in-tandem to compliment each other and the terroir. 

Due Porte Vineyard - Due Porte is a Northwest facing vineyard, 530 meters above sea level. Clay soil offers great drainage and the fruit here is always plentiful. This is the youngest of the three vineyards.

Vigna Del Capa- The vines at the Vigna Del Capa are over 30 years old. The wines here are distinguished by their very aromatic nature. There is also a seaside quality to them as this vineyard rests about 300 meters above sea level and retains marine fossils in the soil. The third vineyard is also planted on over 30 year old vines. The grapes from this vineyard are very mineral driven. The soil here is iron and magnesium.

Each week in the vineyard, the "precision viticulturist" examines the soil, vine health, and quality of the grapes. This allows for decisions to be made for each individual parcel in the vineyards during hang-time. Organic fertilizer is used in the vineyards, as well as a bio-dynamic approach. All harvesting is done by hand.

In The Cantina...

The winery stands like a giant amidst the quiet Montalcino scenery. The building was designed to incorporate as much self-sustaining practices as possible and minimize any carbon footprint. The ceiling and walls are built from 90% recycled brick, and even the rainwater is recovered and used to irrigate the vineyard.

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Il Palazzone
Loc. Le Due Porte, 245
53024  Montalcino  SI

Tel. (0039) 0577 846142
Fax. (0039) 0577 849101

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