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Mediterranean Spring: 12 Bottle Case of Whites and Roses

Mediterranean Spring: 12 Bottle Case of Whites and Roses

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This meticulously curated case of white and rose wines from Italy (with an awesome Greek Rose thrown in for fun) has a broad range of drinkability.  From porch sippers to complex food pairings, these wines are perfect for beautiful spring weather.  


You'll receive one bottle each of the following wines:

Paltrinieri "Radice" Lambrusco di Sorbara 2021 (Italy - Emilia-Romagna)

Parpinello "Ala Blanca" Vermentino di Sardegna 2020 (Italy - Sardegna)

Dettori "Renosu Bianco" NV (Italy - Sardegna)

Valle dell'Acate "Bellifolli" Insolia 2021 (Italy - Sicily)

Raineri Langhe Rosato 2021 (Italy - Piedmont)

Guido Vada "Ansem" Langhe Arneis 2021 (Italy - Piedmont)

Monte del Fra' "Ca' del Magro" Custoza Superiore 2019 (Italy - Veneto)

Monte del Fra' Bardolino Chiaretto 2021 (Italy - Veneto)

Monte del Fra' "Ega" Rosato 2021 (Italy - Veneto)

Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino d'Asti 2021 (Italy - Piedmont)

Santa Venere Ciro Bianco 2020 (Italy - Calabria)

Thymiopoulos Rose de Xinomavro 2020 (Greece - Naoussa)


  • Wine Styles and Pairings

    Radice - this sparkling, bone dry Lambrusco is incredible as an aperitivo. Just pop and enjoy this lauded wine from Paltrinieri, widely considered the best producer of this style of Lambrusco. It goes great with salumi/charcuterie (nice and spicy!) and fried fish dishes.


    Ala Blanca - this juicy white from the north of Sardinia is perfect with seafood, and on its own.


    Renosu Bianco - this beautiful wine (primarily Vermentino) from Dettori, the pioneer of natural winemaking, far removed from the fad, can pair with many light dishes, especially seafood. Great on its own, it always reminds me of looking out from Dettori's vineyards to the sea, and Corsica beyond.


    Bellifolli Insolia - just pop and enjoy. This is just a clean, beautiful wine from my favorite place on earth: Sicily.


    Raineri Langhe Rosato - a rose of nebbiolo, fresh, clean, and light, best paired with appetizers, like salumi and olives.


    Ansem Langhe Arneis - this is always a crowd pleaser with wine geeks and novices alike. Pairable with about anything on the lighter side, Arneis is noted for its adaptability and drinkability.


    Ca' del Magro - a Wine Spectator Top 100 Wines of the Year, I feel this is the best white wine you can buy for $20. Meticulously crafted, Ca' del Magro can be laid down for years, developing into a beautiful, mineral driven wine that can age for a decade or more. Truly a spectacular white that can be enjoyed now in its youth, or for those with patience, tucked away for a special day in the future.


    Bardolino Chiaretto - this is a wine to be enjoyed outside in the sun, as we do when visiting Lake Garda, where Chiaretto is as ubiquitous as the Aperol Spritz. You'll want another bottle.


    Ega Rosato - a beautiful, fun rose that adapts well to food pairings. Like the Chiaretto, it is primarily Corvina and Molinara grapes with skin contact for 24 hours. Beautiful in every way, from the bottle to the last drop.


    Grignolino d'Asti - until recently, grignolino was planted and vinified only for the local Piemontese people. It's a unique wine that pairs exceptionally well with spicy salumi. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a wine that will take you to the hills of the Langhe, in the shadow of the Alps. Many love it, some do not. We hope you do!


    Ciro Bianco - clean, delicious, and full of personality, this white from the sun-soaked region of Calabria is truly a miracle of wine making. Painstaking attention in the vineyard and centuries of experience craft a balanced wine, delicate and complex, under the relentless sun of Calabria. Exceptional value, this wine pairs with seafood, lighter pasta, etc.


    Rose de Xinomavro - we rely on the expertise of Athenee Imports for our Greek selections, and like all of their wines, this incredible rose delivers a rare experience, even for seasoned wine industry pros. This wine will convince you of the incredible quality coming from Greece.


    I am very happy to elaborate on these selections, and the pairings, which are vague and similar for every wine. I am available by email at:

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