Vinitaly 2017

Today I depart for an event I've not previously attended, the Grandi Langhe, which is associated with Nebbiolo Prima. As Nebbiolo is my favorite grape, I am quite excited, not only to enjoy meeting with our producers, tasting their new vintages, and introducing Liz Goodman, of Ruby Fine Wines in Iowa, to our "family", but to do so away from the much loved and simultaneously hated venue that is Vinitaly. I will travel on to Vinitaly as well, but only for a short time. Each year as our team boards the plane home from Vinitaly, haggard and vacant-eyed, we say it's for the last time. By November, we have softened, and by mid-January, we are looking at airfare. This time, it's a bit different, as I will be flying solo (at least from Ionia), and I'm only attending for two days, not four. If you've never attended, book it for 2018, as it's a memorable experience that must be seen to be believed.

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