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Ionia Unkorked #1 | Raineri 'Cornole' Dogliani Dolcetto


Luciano Racca, partner at Raineri Winery and warehouse manager at Ionia Atlantic Imports in Saint Louis, MO, is seen here drinking and sharing his thoughts on a wine very dear to his heart, the 'Cornole' Dogliani Dolcetto from his winery.

Over the past few weeks as things have shut down throughout Italy, and much of the world, many winemakers, sommeliers, and other wine professionals in Italy have taken the opportunity, while sheltered, to open wines from their personal cellars and share their pictures and videos. This social media movement has sparked the hashtag, #iochevinobevo (io che vino bevo) which translates to What Wine Do I Drink.

Starting today, we will be launching our own version of this called Ionia Uncorked. Our colleagues will be sharing their thoughts on wines from our own portfolio as well as meal pairings they have prepared and we will be posting frequent recipes along side them. We will try our best to make videos that are as informative as possible so you can follow along. The wines we share will be exclusively Italian and ideally paired with food or shared with those closest to you. Please contact us for information on how or where to acquire these wines for yourself.

Please stay safe out there,


#ioniauncorked #iochevinobevo #raineri #dolcetto #dogliani #italia #vini

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