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Ionia Uncorked #3 | Surf n' Turf (Northeastern Italian Style)

Today we have our export manager and consultant, Emiliano Morando, coming to us directly his home in Piemonte and sharing his traditional preparation for a Piedmontese dish called Vitello Tonnato. 'Vitello Tonnato' translates to 'Veal with Tuna Sauce' and is a dish typically served chilled and often as an antipasto or first course to an Italian meal, but you could have it for your main course as well. You can find all sorts of recipes online for this dish ranging from using veal or beef but traditionally you would use a "lesser cut" such as top round or bottom round of the animal.

The preparation is very simple, it requires braising or simmering the the veal in your choice of low-fat broth or stock on the stove. Cook the veal to your desired level of doneness. Shouldn't take more than and hour and a half or two. Don't Then let it rest for a few minutes before you chill it. Once chilled, it can be stored in the fridge for up to a few (probably 3) days. Slice not too thin and serve layered on a plate with the tuna sauce.

The tuna sauce is simply made from a mixture of mayonnaise (freshly made if you can!) and oil packed tuna from a can. That's it. Then you can either choose to blend it to a smoother consistency or keep it chunky. At which point you are free to add vinegar, anchovies, olive oil, or lemon for added flavor.

Another preparation you can do, as you see in the video, with the sauce is to take eggs that have been boiled and their yolks removed and mix the yolks with the sauce and placing a dollop back into the emptied hardboiled egg. If you can't get ahold of veal, using beef round (top or eye) is perfectly acceptable for this dish.

Ideal wines you can have with this dish are something not too overpowering but a more delicate red wine with higher acid. Dogliani Dolcetto and Barbera d'Asti wines would do very well with this dish and not overpower the flavors.


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