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Ionia Uncorked #8 | Moscato (DRY)


Today, Luciano is tasting the Azienda Agricola 499 'Enigma' Moscato Bianco and pairing an amazing Risotto con Asparagi (Risotto with Asparagus).

You heard us right...Moscato! But not the Moscato you're thinking of. Today we are taking a look at a DRY Moscato from Piemonte in Northwest Italy. Now, we love sweet Moscato and have carried several in our portfolio for some time. Moscato is a grape that can often benefit from being made in a sweeter style, but it is also a grape that can thrive when made in a dry style. Having a wine like this can even offer up a more diverse selection of food to pair with, as Luciano mentions here.

The 499 'Enigma' Moscato Bianco is one of our favorite new additions to the portfolio and we are excited to have Luciano tell you all about it!

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