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Cantina Tibaldi

Monica and Daniela Tibaldi are fourth generation winemakers who come to us from Pocapaglia.   A village, "perched on a hill among the hills" in the Roero region of Piedmont. The winery was started by their great grandfather Stefano, who passed his love, passion, and knowledge of the business down for generations. Wine is a way of life and livelihood for the Tibaldis.  It only made sense for these two young women to take over the family business from their father, Stefano , who took over from his father, Turin.

Monica and Daniela work in every aspect of the wine-making process. They do everything from working in the vineyard, trimming the vines and picking the grapes, as well as bottling and presenting the wines for consumption. The production is done manually and with respect to the local terroir and growing conditions in order to make these stunning wines. They are as knowledgeable and hardworking as they are beautiful, and we are delighted  to have them as a part of our portfolio and team. In 2017, they won a video contest with Wine Spectator showcasing their skill and day to day life in the vineyards! Enjoy the video above. 





The vineyard is located in the hilly wine region of Roero. It is here that old traditions and cutting edge technology combine with knowledge and experience to carry on this long tradition of quality family wines. The soil is a delicate mix of sand, clay, and limestone.

In the Cantina...

The philosophy of Cantina Tibaldi is best summed up using their own words,"We take the same special care as the consumer would for their own “cellar”. Our winery... (work, commitment, care, quality) ... your cellar." The Tibaldi's approach is one of low intervention but very careful supervision. Intervening only when necessary to ensure the highest possible quality.

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Str. S.Giacomo, 49 12060 Pocapaglia (CN) P.IVA 02895880041

Tel: +39 0172 421221


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