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Ionia Atlantic Imports was founded in 2003 by Nathan Woodhouse and Kallie Smith.  Our vision is simple: deliver Italy to the American consumer in the form of one of its most precious gifts. Italian wine captures the land, culture, history and people of Italy, and our producers share our belief that wine should reflect the place it comes from.  Ionia Atlantic Imports, along with its distribution partners throughout the United States, shares that vision with the American wine consumer. While Italy is our focus and the majority of our direct import book is from Italy, we also represent many domestic wines and wines from esoteric and exciting places around the world.



Kallie Barry

Founder and Managing Partner


Kallie Barry was raised to love travel, food and experiencing new cultures. She discovered her love of wine, particularly Italian wine, while beginning research for Ionia Atlantic with her friend and business partner, Nathan Woodhouse.  Kallie travels whenever she can and enjoys cooking and wine pairing at her home in St. Louis with her husband children.

Nathan Woodhouse

Founder and Managing Partner

Nathan Woodhouse fell in love with Italy while stationed at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily in the late 1990s.  After graduating with a degree in Finance from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2003, he started Ionia Atlantic Imports with his friend and colleague, Kallie Smith.  His passion for Italy is exceeded only by his passion for Italian wine.  He resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Bryn, and son, Henry Preston, who frequently accompany him in his favorite activity: travel.  

Eric Reed, IWS, CSW
Sales Manager, Import Regional Manager

Eric has been with Ionia since 2009, starting as a Saint Louis sales representative, then moving on to sales management and Import Regional Sales Manager.  He travels regularly to Italy and other wine regions throughout the world to select wines truly representative of their origin and place. Eric continually works toward the wine education of others through classes and tastings.  

Luciano Racca
Office & Warehouse Manager
Partner at Raineri Winery

Luciano joins us as a new citizen of the United States, having married a local girl in Saint Louis.  Luciano has extensive experience in wine, including ownership in Raineri, one of our Piemonte producers.  He has managed wine programs at prestigious Michelin rated restaurants in Europe, and is an unmatched source of knowledge in Italian wine, especially Piemontese wine. Luciano also manages events and education at Ionia Atlantic Imports.  

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