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Antica Masseria Jorche

The sunbaked land of Manduria, on the coast of the inside of the heel of “The Boot”, is home to Primitivo, one of the most revered grapes of Southern Italy, and along with its progeny, Zinfandel, one of the most widely recognized. 


The Gianfreda family has been working the vineyards of “Antica Masseria Jorche” since the turn of the 20th century.  After Phylloxera destroyed the vines in the ‘20s, the family set to work to replant the vineyards.  They grew in production, the juice being sent to wineries in the north, planting vineyards where old fig and almond trees once stood.  In the late ‘50s, the family’s new patriarch, Cosimo, begin to focus on building a modern winery, capable of production and bottling of their own wines.  Under the guidance of Antonio, Cosimo’s son, the winery has grown to be the most respected producer of Primitivo di Manduria in the region.  Today, the fifth generation of Gianfredas manage the winery: daughters Dalila and Emanuela (the former business, the latter wine-maker).  The joy of working with this wonderful family cannot be overstated.  The wines are a reflection of their dedication and commitment to the continuation of their ancestors’ hard work, expressing the very best that Manduria has to offer through their selection of wines, primarily based on the Primitivo grape. 

In the Cantina...

In the vineyards of Jorche the harvest is a festival, an ancestral rite full of fascination.  Every attention is given to the preservation of the integrity of the grapes.  All of the grapes are harvested manually, placed in small crates that preserve the aromas of the fruit.  The grapes are immediately crushed upon the arrival in cantina, and the fermentation begins just after.  Every detail is attended to with great care, and can be felt in every bottle. 

Primitivo di Manduria – From 100% Primitivo of 40+ year old vines grown in the red, iron-rich, sandstone soil near Taranto.  This wine is the benchmark for Primitivo of the region.  What is striking about the wines of Jorche is the balance, which is exemplified in this wine especially.  Creating balanced wines in a land such as Manduria is difficult, with many producers’ wines exhibiting over-ripe, sun baked characteristics, as one would expect in such a climate.  9 months in mixed oak barrique and botti grandi.  Rich and delicious while maintaining great balance, this wine can be paired with rich, roasted and grilled meats, and strong aged cheeses. 

Primitivo di Manduria Riserva – From 100% Primitivo of 40+ year old vines grown in the red, iron-rich, sandstone soil near Taranto.  The Riserva reaches 16 degrees of alcohol while maintaining balance and elegance.  12 months in mixed oak barrique and “Capasuni”, terra cotta amphorae typical of the tradition of Manduria.  The use of these amphorae is on the rise, but Jorche is a pioneer in the re-introduction of this technique, which has experienced a revitalization in Italy, especially in the south, where several Sicilian wineries use the local equivalent.  Round, full, and rich in the mouth, the profound nose of dark berries and spice carries over to a long and delicious finish.  A typical pairing for this wine in Puglia would be pureed fava beans with local chicory.  Delicious!

"Caleido" Negramaro del Salento - From 100% Negramaro of 8 year old vines grown in the red, copper rich, sandstone soil of Salento. Harvest is done manually, and the vinification process is overseen at a controlled temperature during fermentation and maceration. The Caleido spends 15 months in mixed oak barriques and 3 months in bottle before release. The finished wine is soft and balanced on the palate. The nose explodes with aromas of plum and dark cherry in harmony with herbaceousness and earth tones. The wine is best paired with cheese souffle' or delicate meats such as duck or lamb.

"Dipinta" Negramaro del Salento Rosato - From 100% Negramaro. The Dipinta is a wine birthed from Emanuela's desire to show the capability of women as winemakers. The label is even a painting done by Emanuela which is set to change with each upcoming vintage. The name, Dipinta, is actually an acronymn for Donne Insieme Per Il Nostro Territorio Puglia (Women Together For Our Territory Apulia). The wine itself is a very rich and elegant style of Rosato. Floral notes of Geranium and Roses. On the palate, the wine gives way to lengthy and expressive fruit notes of cherry and strawberry. This wine pairs excellently with a mushroom risotto or roasted beat salad! 

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Antica Masseria Jorche

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