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Marco Bergaglio has dedicated his life's work to the Cortese grape.  His family began making what is now known as Gavi in the late 19th century.  Marco's objective, like that of his predecessors', is "to make wines whose features are unmistakably linked to the terroir".  The Bergaglio family's focus on the single varietal, Cortese, has enabled them to achieve this goal, a goal that is shared by all of our producers. Our company's goal is to share our experience of Italy with our clients and friends.  Over the many years we have built this portfolio, our goal has been to import only those wines that reflect the characteristics of the place they are from.  Producers like Castellari Bergaglio are emblematic of that ideal, and with Marco's wines, you truly experience Gavi.  

Castellari Bergaglio's Website


Castellari Bergaglio  

Fraz. Rovereto, 136R - 15066 Gavi (AL) ITALY Tel +39.0143.644000


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