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Spearheaded by husband and wife owners Alberto & Barbara Paltrinieri, this classically styled Lambrusco winery makes tradition look easy. Paltrinieri manages 17 hectares in Cristo di Sorbara, working with the mono-varietals of both Salamino & Sorbara for the reds and Trebbiano for the white. The soil in the small sliver of land between the rivers Secchia and Panaro consists of loose sand, chalk, and mineral deposits. For nearly a century, the wines of the Paltrinieri family have been recognized as the best in the region, maintaining a crowd pleasing drinkability while highlighting the complexity of this amazing and long misunderstood appellation.


Paltrinieri's Website



Soc. Agr. Paltrinieri Gianfranco s.s.

Via Cristo 49 | Sorbara (Modena)

+39 059 902 047

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