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Roccolo Grassi began with Bruno Sartori and his children, Marco and Francesca in 1996. To this day, the vineyards, situated within 14 hectares of Valpolicella and Soave in the Veneto produce ambitious and remarkable wine that allows each vine to express their character. Giving time and sustainability to both the soil and the practices indispensible to the winemaking, the winemaking team behind Roccolo Grassi forms constant relationships with its terroir. The grapes are unhindered by competing bunches and undergo meticulous pruning so each can have sufficient nutrients. The same thorough method by which they give constant attention to their land can be felt in the winemaking itself. “The cellar is a passageway where grapes become wine in an amazing journey where their life encounters ours.” The wines of Roccolo Grassi are, above all else, respectful. Sustainable intent and service behind each parcel of land coupled with desire to preserve tradition are what makes the wines of Roccolo Grassi resonate so profoundly with those who drink them.

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Roccolo Grassi
Via San Giovanni di Dio, 19
37030 Mezzane di Sotto
Verona | Italy
tel. +39 045 8880089
fax +39 045 8889000

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